Algeria Model United Nations Timeline for Delegate Preparation

  • August

    Delegate Application

    Apply for AMUN 2016 by the priority registration deadline. Once you are selected you will then be assigned to the country you will be representing and your committee by mid- September.

    Study guides will be posted online on our website in late August.
  • September

    Announcement of Selected delegates to AMUN 2016

    Learn as much as you can about your assigned country, as well as your country’s official government website. These kinds of resources will help you stay on policy. Once you have researched both topics and your country, you will be almost ready for debate.

    Read the study guide for your committee, and re-read it to get a clear sense of the issues and how you as a policymaker would approach these issues.
  • October

    Preparation and Research

    Once you have done an extensive reading of the study guide, check out some of the suggested resources at the end of the guide and use them to research the topic. Position papers should be submitted by 13th of October 2016. Focus your research on your country assignment.

    Familiarize yourself with resolutions, particularly the wording and format of resolutions. This will prepare you to write portions of resolutions, or even whole draft resolutions, that you can show other countries in order to gather support.

    Begin research for your position paper, which is due by 13th of October 2016. Guidelines for position papers are in each study guide. Contact your Chair or Under Secretary General of Delegates Affairs for instructions and online submission of position papers.

    Read the Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, as. An understanding of the rules will help you best participate in the debate.
  • November

    Rules of procedures

    Rules of procedures trainings and get to know how to debate within your committees’ sessions.

  • December

    Final preparation

    Prepare your travel arrangements, check out our website, for conference announcements and updates. Be sure to pack for the Algiers weather.

    AMUN Registration opens on the 25th of December, 2016.