AMUN Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Model United Nations is a simulation of the work of the United Nations General Assembly and its other committees and agencies. A Model UN conference is one which is organized by students and for students, on high school or college/ university level, and usually lasts between 1 and 7 days. Such conferences are held all over the world every year and aim to increase the interest and encourage the participation of young people in international affairs, world politics and more.
Algeria Model United Nations Conference is being held for the 3rd time in Algeria, it’s planned to last for 4 days, with a total participation of 150 participant

MUN conferences usually vary in their sizes. They can include as few as 30 students and as many as 2 000. Algeria Model United Nations will include 150 Delegates.

  • Delegate(s): As delegate you represent another country. Your task is to find solutions for the problems listed on the issues on the agenda. Research is the first and probably most important step in order to prepare you for the conference.

  • Student Officer(s): Chair(s) and President(s) Student Officers will chair the debate which means that they will moderate the discussion. They have to take care of the committee and that Rules of Procedures are followed.

  • Head of delegation: The Head of delegation is the contact person for a conference. As part of your delegation he/she will remain in contact with the organisers of the conference.

  • Administration Staff (=> Ad-staff)

  • Ad-Staffs assist the Student Officers and delegates. They are counting the votes and transport and screen notepapers.
  • Secretary General: The Secretary General is responsible for the agenda and rules of procedure. The Secretary General is the highest authority and therefore, holds the highest level of jurisdiction, responsible for the management of the conference concerning the well-being of all participants. Regardless of what role each team member has, a MUN conference is successful only when everything is coordinated well and much preparation is done in advance.

If you are interested in participating in a AMUN Conference, you might want to consider the benefits it offers. It will certainly help you to improve your research and writing skills, as well as your negotiation, cooperation and team-working skills. Public speaking is also a big part of the AMUN process which will help you in your future career plans. In addition, leadership is what each young diplomat needs, and such a conference is the best place to work in that direction. Last but not least, having fun and getting to know new people and places is also a top priority for the organizers of MUN conferences worldwide.

AMUN will take place in Algiers, Date and Venue will be announced later.
The participation fees is set : 5000 DA.
For delegates and Chairs, call for participation will be launched during August,2016. Registration for journalists and photographers will be announced shortly.