Algeria Model United Nations DAIS Application

Welcoming letter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We, Algeria Model United Nations Secretariat, currently are looking for young and inspired individuals willing to assume the responsibility of chairing, and reporting one of five committees within our upcoming conference.

An ideal chairperson is characterized by sensitivity for the themes and aspirations of his or her committee, with good knowledge of procedural rules and diplomatic conduct, as well as the social skills required to engage delegates in lively debates. Since all of our session going to be held in English, a very good command of the language is essential. Previous chairing experience is very much appreciated, though the Secretariat will organize a mandatory training session for all selected committee chairs, directors and rapporteurs.

The following Councils and Committees are planned for this very first ever session conference:

  • United Nations Security Council - UNSC
    • Topic: Maintenance of international peace and security - The Situation in Libya
  • Disarmament and International Security - DISEC
    • Topic: Countering Terrorism and Violent extremism.
  • Economic and Social Council. - ECOSOC
    • Topic: Harnessing Sustainable Peace by Addressing the Root Causes of Conflict.
  • Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement(UNDP)-Special French Committee - UNDP
    • Topic: Renforcer le rôle de la jeunesse dans la lutte pour la réduction de la pauvreté conformément aux Objectifs de Développement Durable ‘ODD’
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - UNHCR
    • Topic: The spread of Islamophobia as it is related to Refugees’ Resettlement and safety.
  • Algeria Affairs Committee - AAC
    • Topic: التعليم والتنمية المستدامة: دور الشباب الجزائري في الحد من ظاهرة هجرة الادمغة

Candidates may apply for one or more councils and determine topics of their choice but they shall be selected only for one Council/Committee. It is in the duty of Chair to prepare study guides – Committee guide for delegates to understand the work of the committee and the mainstream of the topic -, which will be made available online prior to the conference so that the delegates will take a good use of it while they will be doing their researches.

Find more information about the Job description of Chair, Director and Rapporteur in the file attached. Please fill the online application form with a Curriculum Vitae and casual picture. Applications for DAIS will be accepted until the 02nd of August 2016 at 19:59.

We look forward to reading your applications,

Arif Abdeljalil
Program Director & Secretary-General - AMUN

Application Guidelines

  1. Fill out this application form with your details, and make sure the information submitted is accurate.
  2. Attach a copy of your Resume - CV and a formal or casual picture of you (If by any chance you miss sending your CV, we are sorry to inform you that your application won’t be considered for review)
  3. The deadline for applications is on Tuesday 2nd of August, 2016 at 19:59.
  4. Pre-selected applicants will receive an e-mail from the secretariat by 9th of August, (or before) if by chance a Pre-selected applicant won’t confirm his/her participation within the given time, he/she will be replaced automatically.
  5. Make sure to subscribe on our Facebook Fan page to receive all the updates.
  6. Priority will be given to early applicants, so take that into consideration and don't wait for the last minute DDL as you might encounter net issues.
  7. The event date and exact venue place will be announced soon but please do understand that the conference will last for 4 days in one of the last two week of December. The conference venue will be in Algiers, we will announce the exact place after the delegates’ selection.

DAIS will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Previous MUN experiences (at least one, any applicant who didn’t participate in MUN conference before his/her application won’t be considered for the DAIS position, thus we recommends you to follow the guidelines and apply as a delegate)
  • Good understanding of MUN Rules of Procedures.
  • Express her/his leadership attitudes and interests in debating and international relations topics.
  • Committed to prepare Topic background research paper for the assigned committee.
  • Between the age 18 to 32 years old.
  • Taking an active role within their society.
  • Previous experiences in volunteering activities.
  • Organization of Local/National or Regional events (optional).
  • Good English level (Writing/Speaking).
  • Strong command of Arabic Language (For Algerian Affairs Committee).
  • Strong command of French Language (For French Committee).
  • Demonstrate his/her interests in achieving the milestones of Algeria MUN conference.
  • Willingness to develop his/her skills.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills.
  • Answer clearly to the questions of application form with needed details.

Before signing up, please note!
  1. Algeria Model United Nations is now accepting applications from high school seniors and university students to chair committees in our 2016 conference. Competitive applicants will have past experience in MUN, and preferably a background in university-level Social Sciences.
  2. Pre-selected applicants who have filled in the online form will be screened and interviewed via skype or over the phone before being accepted as a Chair/Director/ Rapporteur.
  3. Those accepted as DAIS will receive guidance and instruction from the AMUN Secretariat team and will be asked to attend training sessions. Crisis Chair in particular will be expected to show high dedication and commitment.
  4. DAIS will be welcomed one day prior to the start of the conference.
For any inquiries, contact us at contact[at]algeriamun[dot]org

Job Description

DAIS is a term that refers to the group of students, usually high school or college students, in charge of a Model UN committee. It generally consists of a Chair, a Director, and a Rapporteur. The dais is also the raised platform on which the chair traditionally sits.

  • Committee Chair Position

    The chair is responsible for the procedural functions of the committee, he or she assures that the committee operates in a smooth and efficient manner. This position requires a very thorough working knowledge of the rules of procedure and a professional presence on the DAIS. Chair applicants should have significant experience is moderating discussions and high level of public speaking. There will be a mandatory training session for all selected committee chairs and Directors. This training session will help chairs to familiarize themselves with the rules being implemented at the Conference.

  • Committee Director Position

    Each committee has a Director who serves as an aide to the Chair. The Director is responsible for maintaining the speakers list, the order of the resolutions on the floor, amendments, verifying vote counts, and similar administrative matters. The Director is also called upon to assist in the preparation of final committee reports. Applicants for this position should be highly organized, alert, flexible, and possess strong writing skills. There will be a mandatory orientation session so that Directors may familiarize themselves with committee and Conference Services procedures. The director is considered as Vice Chair and in case of Chair absence he or she might serve as the committee Chair.

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